Vending Machines

Model Design - 2017


School Modelling Project

Design Duration

This design took me 4 weeks, including brainstorming different outlook, user experience and modelling.

Design Tool

Photoshop for sketching, Autodesk Maya for 3D model

hand-make wooden modelling

This project is looking for the creative form  for  the vending machine. In the meantime, it also want to explore the interesting potential way to interactive with user, as an automatically vending machine. Therefore, This vending machine design project  is special designed for the theme park and targeting people who want to spend nice weekends at theme park. By adding the traditional function of vending machine into the new shape of Ferris wheels, this vending machine design has more fun for the customers and more fit to the theme as a part of decoration in the theme part as well. Each time of buying a cup of drink is like a lucky spin by rotating this machine to get the drink they want, or just randomly pick by the machine for those who are difficult to make an decision when choosing the flavours. 

The project firstly starts with the brainstorming of the different form that can make a vending machine. From the traditional box to other crazy form, it explore 50 kind of possible solution for the outlook. For the next step, the paper modelling is necessary to test the basic shape and colors. In the end, this form is changed into digital 3D form by using Maya to create the real texture and interface.

Idea Sketch

Visual Style Design

Vending Machine - desktop.png

3D Modelling

Interface Design