Umbrella Reminder

Smart Object & Mobile UI Design - 2017


Pasotti - High End Umbrella Company

Design Duration

This design took me 12 weeks. I spent time on review market and the existing weather app. The last four weeks are focus on the umbrella design and the mobile app design.

Design Tool

Sketch and Adobe Illustrator


The initial idea comes out by cooperating with the handmade umbrella company called Pasotti. It’s really bad to lose such an expensive umbrella that means a lot to the users. And buying a new umbrella actually causes a lot of money as daily objects. In the meantime, as a student who just in Melbourne, it actually takes time to get used to the changeable weather here. The users need some help looking for the weather and help them to make a decision about whether they really need an umbrella.

This project aims to provide an anti-loss system and location tracking for those umbrellas by connecting with a mobile application. This application will log in to using Google account. There are a LED light and a location tracker in the umbrella. The information on the mobile application will send to the umbrella. So when user lost their umbrella, they can get the notification and trace the location until they see the flash LED light. The real-time raining forecast reminder can help users to take their umbrella when necessary. It will access Google calendar. The weather condition will match the timetable of event reminder. So users only need to take their umbrella whenever they need to.


Umbrella Reminder Persona.png

The primary target user in this project is the people who need to know more details about the weather, especially those who just arrive a new place and don't familiar with the local weather. The target user also can includes those who have expensive personal edition umbrella. This application and smart device can help them to protect the umbrella from lost, and even can find it after lose it.


The concept is based on the weather information will be send to the umbrella on time, including clear weather icon to indicate the weather. User do not need to check the weather app all the time, they can know it from the umbrella. The other area is the GPS to locate the umbrella, which will help user to find and remind them to take their umbrella whenever they need.

Design Visual Styling

Umbrella- desktop_2x.png

Application Icon

Umbrella - lcons_2x.png


Smart Object Concept Design


This Arduino set demonstrate how GPS work in this project. It locates where is the user, then record the information about the local weather. In the meantime, it sends the weather information to the umbrella and showing this on the LCD screen or use LED light with different color to represent different weather conditions.


UI Design Outcome