Sounding Type

Album Design / Typography Design - 2017


Album - Caresse surL’Ocean

School Project

Design Duration

This design took me 4 weeks. I spent time to design this hand drawing typography to fit the whole style.

Design Tool

handwriting typo design,

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

This is an album cover design for a song called Caress of Ocean (Caresse surL’Ocean), which is original in French. The song comes from a movie called The chorus, a 2004 German-Swiss-French drama film. This movie is directed by Christophe Barratier. The soundtrack of this movie was released on 3 May 2004. It featured the film’s original score, which was composed by Bruno Coulais and performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and the Choir Les PetisChanteurs de Saint-Marc.


The design is based on the concept of the ocean, which is the basic content of this song. More specifically, A hand drawing style is created in this design project. The typography is designed in a curving line drawing, which is a symbol of waves. A blue watercolour background with white typography on top is designed to fit the whole style because the colour blue can gives a calm feeling for the audiences. All the information is fit into a rounded shape. The image on the left is the background information on the song. The information is put on a spiral shape and it starts from the centre of this shape.

Design Visual Styling

Sounding Type Style Guide.png

Design Outcome