Simply Well

Publication Design - 2016


Simply Well,

a healthy information blog

Design Duration

This design took me 4 weeks. I spent a lot of time getting the right style on images and find the right materials to print on.

Design Tool

Adobe Photoshop and Indesign

Simply Well is a health guide blog, including all kinds of information. This project focus on the healthy food section turn those digital recipes into a book. Each receipt is designed in a separate piece of paper, so the reader can easily take it into the kitchen and follow the steps on it. Also, it includes some small cooking tips or knowledge about food, which can help readers a lot. The aim of this project is helping reader to pick the right recipe much easier when they are cooking in the kitchen, rather than taking all the recipe in.


The style of this book design is based on a black background, which can help the bright colours of photography to stands out. The final version is printed on the cardboard with laminated. So it will not easily get dirty when you use it during the kitchen The book focuses on the information about final looking. And all the materials are presented as images, which can help users to recognise them.

Design Visual Styling





Caribbean Green








I am a Headline

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The visual style in this project keeps in the dark colour palette to make the image stands out. It also has the contrast colour to mark the most important information. Here is a link for the PDF version to view more project details.

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Design Outcome