Public Transportation Design / IOT  - 2018


Melbourne Public Train

Design Duration

This design took me 12 weeks to research and find touchpoint, then look for potential solution to improve the public transportation.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

Unity, Ardiuno


Yunzhi JIn, Yian Zhang

The Signal is an interactive project that specially designed for improving the gender safety in the public transport. The initial goal of this project is to minimize man to man violence in public transport. During the research, we find that if we can solve this problem, any other kinds of safety problem on the train such as women’s sexual harassment could be solved in a similar way. So we decide that our target user of this project is people who often use the public transport in their daily life. We are not only targeting the violence man or reasonable passengers. Because we think this is not only one side thing to build the safety of the public transport.


Based on the research, we focus on redesign the interface of the train car to build a new comfortable environment for every passenger. Here is the blueprint. It is clear to see there are three main sections we want to redesign, which are glass window, fake police, and CCTV, to improve the safety environment. The thing we redesign here is all focus on how passengers interactive with the whole public transport environment. When the passengers feel comfortable with the environment, they will be more willing to take the public transport. It will create a positive tendency of public transport safety. ​


The target audience in this project focus on three kinds of people. Protecting people's safety on public transportation is not only about avoid the violence happens, but also about let people feel safer. Therefore, this project needs to target people who witness the violence in the public transportation to take action and then help those who are suffering the violence as well.


The three concepts in this project focus on detective the emotion of the passengers and observe their changes when facing the violence problem. In the meantime, it tries to improve the environment on the public transportation. The first two concepts are more about find the violence people and deal with the problem quicker. The third concept are more concentrated on avoiding the problem before it happens.

Design Sketch

Video Demo

Arduino Wireframe

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.48.11 am.png

The function of the Arduino shown in the image above is for controlling the RBG LED light through three buttons. It demos the situation that when passengers press the button (green, red, crowded), the RGB LED light will change colors accordingly. In the meantime, it will reflects on the glass window withe same color.

Design Outcome