Responsive Website Design - 2016


Shifra by mAdapt

Design Duration

The first part took 12 weeks as a school cooperate project, then another year as a offical project for mAdapt

Design Tool

Sketch and Adobe Illustrator, Axure

Technology merges with public health to make this application sleek and user-friendly while embracing community input and tools for monitoring and evaluation. The end product has been made possible by an exhaustive list of dedicated volunteers and community members.


Shifra is a website based application designed for women from refugees and migrant backgrounds. mAdapt envisions the application is translated into a multitude of languages to help put information and access into the hands of those that need it most. In this website, each color can represent one topic. And a lot of videos and images are used to communicate more clearly with those women from refugees and migrant backgrounds. One of the other most important function of this website is to search the nearest clinic for the users.

​At the same time, Shifra also have the platform for hospitals, clinics and communities. It helps people who work in the health industrial get to know refugee women better and quicker. From this perspective, they can access the data about the most popular question they are searching and know what they need during the time visiting health facilities. In other words, it helps them to create more contents those women want to know.


Design Visual Styling

Shifra - desktop.png

Demo Video

Design Outcome