Photorealistic Modelling

3D Modelling - 2017


School Modelling Project

Design Duration

This design took me 6 weeks. I spent lots of time to study photography and build models in details.

Design Tool

Autodesk Maya for 3D model


The aim of this project is focusing on the complex process of creating photorealistic images of your 3D scene, which is related to my own daily life, based on shading, lighting and camera attributes.

In this project all the objects come from my daily life will be chosen to create the scene. They are a hat, a glass cup, a flashlight, a camera, and a suitcase. The basic theme of this project is about traveling. So all of those objects contain the good memory of traveling.

These two photos is telling a story based on the objects and composition. The story happens on one day that I just finish my trip and come back home. After I get into the room, I drop the suitcase down. I quickly take off my shoes and want to start to unpack my suitcase. But on the halfway of doing this, I suddenly want to go somewhere else and take a rest first. So I decided to left all the staff randomly on the floor without clean it up and directly to have a rest first.



Scenes One - Light Testing

Scenes Two - Light Testing

Design Outcomes

Scenes One

Scenes Two