My Weather

iWatch & Mobile UI Design - 2016

Project Type

Weather App

Design Duration

This design took me 2 weeks. I spent time on review the existing weather app and provide potential better user experience with better UI design.

Design Tool

Sketch and Adobe Illustrator

My weather is a mobile-based application, which also can be used on iWatch. This project focus on the UI design for the weather information pages. Unlike other weather application that contains a lot of information, this application just focuses on the weather by using pure illustration style. A series icon is designed to represent different weather condition. The interface design for iWatch is a simplified version of the mobile application, which let the users can know the weather in a much more direct way.


Other than showing the weather with an icon and some numbers, this design also focuses on users' motion. Each weather can match a slogan that can represent the condition. All these slogans are positive, which can lead users to a happy motion even on a bad day. In the meantime, the colour palette of this application is keeping bright to match that slogan.

Design Visual Styling

Myweather - desktop.png

Application Icon

Myweather - lcons.png

Design Outcome