Museum of Maze

Identity Design / Poster Design - 2017


A maze museum in Melbourne

Design Duration

This design took me 4 weeks. I spent a lot of time tweaking the details to make products' style looks consistent.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The maze used in this project is purely handmade by cardboard

This identity design is a retrospective of mazes in a simple and contemporary way. The whole design contains two versions: one is mainly painted in dark blue-grey. And the other one is white background with lighter colour. These two reversed versions convey the depth meaning of everyone is looking for the truth through their whole lifetime. 


Other than the graphics digital illustration, a three-dimensional handcraft maze is made in this project based on the word “MAZE”. This maze is photographed and used on the promotional poster for the museum. It also can be separated and applied to other related promotion products. People who visit the museum can buy the postcards and they can collect them to build their own maze.

Design Visual Styling

Maze Museum - desktop.png

Design Outcome