Maple Dryad

3D Character Design / 3D Animation - 2018


School Animation Project

Design Duration

This design took me 7 weeks. I spent lots of time to create the character with the right storyline behind it.

Design Tool

Autodesk Maya for 3D model and animation, Adobe Illustrator and Indesign for storyboard

This project based on one of the Chinese traditional festivals called Tibetan festival. This festival is created by Miao people from thousand years ago. By memorising their god butterfly mother, every year Miao people will hold this festival, praying for the harvest of the crop and the peaceful life, as one of the most important events in the village. This character is inspired from the perspective of Maple dryad by using the traditional colours and patterns in the culture of Miao people. 


The whole animation is based on this character and conveying the idea of peace is the beauty of the life. The whole story of animation is kind of abstract: the whole world is dark and quiet after the war. Suddenly, a dryas turns up in the distance. She starts to dance and pray for the colourful future. Gradually, the miracle happens. All the grass, flowers, trees, even the animals become alive again. In the end, she disappeared quietly, only left a huge maple tree in the centre of the world.

Mood Board


Character Design