Lonely Planet

Responsive website design / Mobile app design - 2017


Lonely Planet, a travel guide publisher

Design Duration

This design took me 12 weeks. I spent a lot of time tweaking the new logo to create a more contemporary feeling.

Design Tool

Overflow for create user flow

Axure and Sketch for UI Part

Lonely Planet project is a branding redesign based on the real working environment. According to the research, the company philology is to encourage the reader to makes their own decision by looking at other people’s experience. Therefore, the keyword “share” is used for the whole design. The responsive website design is to help the whole branding achieve this idea. The main function for this website is to let tourist can share their experience with each other. People who don't know how to plan their trip can find the best solution in this website.

To make sure people can access the information during the whole trip whenever and wherever they want, A mobile app is also design in this project. It not only easier for people to search the traveling guide, but also record their special experience during the trip. Comparing with the old version of Lonely planet (only putting PDF of travelling guide online), the new way of sharing the information between each other can help travellers enjoy the trip much better and easier. It provides various of way to look for the information users want with a much more visual digital format.

User Research

Lonely Planet Persona.png

The target audience includes people who love traveller and who want share those special experience with others. People who love travel always need a special platform to share their experience with people who understand those wonderful moments during the trip. People who are new to one place, need help from those who have enough experience to make their own travel planner.

Design Visual Styling

Lonely Planet- web.png

Application Icon

Lonely Planet - lcons.png

Design Outcome