Little Airport

Airport User Experience / IOT / Toy Design - 2018


Melbourne International Airport

Master Graduation Show

Design Duration

This design took me 16 weeks to research and find touchpoint, then look for potential solution in the Melbourne International airport

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

Unity, Ardiuno

Based on the personal experience as well as observing different families' behaviour at the Melbourne International Airport, this research project tries to understand the reason why children change their behaviours when they find themselves in a stressful situation. In the meantime, using the modern technologies to create a more comfortable for children at the airport.

This design project mainly design a toy for improving 5 to 10 years old children's experience at the Melbourne International Airport. The design concept is to create an airplane toy that can attract children's attention from check-in to waiting room by using sounds, lighting and other basic interactive way. Therefore, children will fell occupied, not get bored, screaming and crying to bother other passengers.

This airplane toy can also be used as a quicker pass in the airport for the family to access the whole processes. It can active the video screen and playground in the airport. In the meantime, parents can use it to shopping in the waiting area. By the end of the trip, children can return the airplane toy and get another set of playful materials to play during the flying time. It not only help the returning of the toy to reduce the cost, but also can help children calm down during the flying.


The primary target user in this project is the children. The research is all about why they crying and how to calm them down in the unfamiliar environment. But there are also two kind of influencer in this project. One is children's parents and other passengers. By improving children's experience in the airport. these two influencers' experience will be improved at the same time.


The concepts is focus on what kind of interaction can be create on this airplane toy. Consider the shape and volume of the toy, the interaction has to be simple but effective. The vending machine design is for returning the airplane ticket, it also need to attract children to return it at the end of the trip.

Video Demo

Arduino Wireframe


The function of the Arduino shown in the image above is for how the airplane toy will be work in the airport. It use GPS to detect the direction and lights on the wing will flash, according to the direction that children need to go. In the meantime, the voice will be on to communicate with children.

Design Outcome

Airplane Toy Design

Vending Machine Design