Future Hospital

Flyer Design / Poster Design - 2018


Monash Sensi Lab,

The Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018

Design Duration

This design took me 2 weeks to finish from design to final print. 

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator

The future Creativity has been linked to wellbeing. In this research, Sensi Lab are trying to find ways to boost individual creativity and make interacting with an artificial intelligence engaging and creatively rewarding. By participating in this experiment people will help Sensi Lab understand what makes a good "improvisational interface", plus you'll get a chance to play with some very interesting music-making machines! The data collected from this research will help Sensi Lab better understand how to achieve "flow" states when improvising with computers.


This project is specially designed for the Future Hospital in Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018. This is a exhibition setup for Sensi Lab at Monash University based on their existing projects. There is three elements design for the whole exhibition set up, including the back display board, fliers that audience can take away and stickers participants to wear. The colour is based on style guide of Sensi Lab for conveying the idea of creativity.

Design Visual Styling

Future Hospital Style.png

Design Outcome