Free Birds

iPad UI Design - 2016

Project Type

Free Range Egg Application

Design Duration

This design took me 6 weeks. I spent time on researching how user buying free range app and create UI fit for the easy searching when but eggs

Design Tool

Sketch and Axure

Free Birds is an app special design for people who want to buy real free range eggs and needs to know more about free range. More specifically, the user can able to make informed ethical purchasing choices considering where eggs and chickens are supplied from, the conditions chicken are kept in and the sustainability of the farming practices. They would like to develop a platform to engage consumers that are available as a tablet app to help users choose. This app is a platform as an opportunity to also encourage users to find and use suppliers other than those in the big supermarket chains, as independent suppliers are more likely to operate via markets and butchers.


The UI design is based on the color pink. The different section is presented in the different opacity of pink. And all the other information will show only when the user clicks it. The contrast colors — dark blue and green are used to make the important information stands out. In addition, a new graphics map is designed to match up the whole style. All the information has been simplified as a table. A series of icons, including yes and no, have been designed to match up to each piece of information. Therefore, the user can easily do the comparison of different products through visual elements.

Design Visual Styling

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The visual style is based on the geometrical illustration and vivid colours, which provide a clear instruction for people to choose different free range eggs. Here is a link for the PDF version to view more project details.


I am a Slogan

I'm a sub Headline

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Button Three
Button One
Button Two


Illustration Style

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 21.58.03.png
Layer 3.png
Layer 1.png
Layer 2.png

Design Outcome