Ugly Duck: Fantasy Version

Character Design / Illustration / Storyboard Design - 2015


School Animation Project

Design Duration

This design took me 12 weeks. We spend a lot of time on character design


HoYing Leung, Yian Zhang

Design Tool

Adobe Photoshop

The aim of this project is resetting the story of ugly ducking into a fantasy version. The story of this version is about the growth of a unicorn. From birth to leaving the home, this storyboard indicates how this unicorn solves all the hard problems and become a real unicorn. After the entire research about the original story, fantasy story, as well as other backgrounds that need in this project, this series of illustration, tries to emphasize the whole storyline by using stable images.


This storyboard contains all the keyframes, including a lot of details. The storyboard is made by photoshop, showing a lot of digital drawing skills. The color palette of this storyboard is changing from cold to warm. But the tone of the color palette always keeps bright, which match to the story feeling we want to tell the audience. This project is related to skill of character design as well.

Mood Board

Character Sketch