Destined Tea

Identity Design / Packaging Design - 2017


Destined Tea, an imaginary tea brand

Design Duration

This design took me 6 weeks. I spent a lot of time creating the unique watercolour pattern for the branding.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

The watercolour pattern is hand drawing and then edit in photoshop

This project is designed for a Chinese tea brand called Destined Tea.  As a tea lover, The brand name "Destined" means that every cup of tea has a story. This identity design project is constantly updating the notion of scented tea while respecting the multi-culture. It tries to promote a spirit of enjoying life with a cup of tea. The beauty and elegance are shown in the design processes.


This is an identical design mainly focus on packaging design and identity design, including stationary and flyer design. The moving of watercolour in the water will be recorded and this movement can be regarded as the symbol of making a cup of tea. The special watercolour texture will be created and combined with line drawing, The colour will be inspired by the changing of four seasons. By applying the colours and pattern to different items, it creates a consistent style through the whole branding. It is a loop of life. Different colour can be a symbol of different special tea for different seasons. It can be sold as a gift set.

Design Visual Styling

Destined Tea - desktop.png

Design Outcome