Cultured Generation

Logo Design / Identity Design - 2019


Creative cultural popup event company

Design Duration

This is two month project to create this new brand, but it is still updating during the development of this business

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

CulturedGen is a cultural content creator and curator, aspiring to lead the (re)discovery of Chinese arts and heritage through immersive and interactive pop-up experiences that stimulate all five senses. CulturedGen partners with artists, designers and brands to transform the essence of traditional cultural splendors into fun, inspiring and picturesque experiences deeply relevant to the modern lifestyle.

ThIs project focus on creating simple but strong visual style, including logo, stationery and potential brochures for Culturedgen. It is an experiment about how to balance between the traditional Chinese art style and contemporary western style to match the audience's preference. The design is black and white, in the meantime, also provides the potential to accept all kinds of the style during the different popup events.

Design Visual Styling

CulturedGen - desktop.png

Design Outcome