Dog Show

Digital Illustration / 2D Animation - 2015


2016 International Dog Show

Design Duration

This design took me 7 weeks. I spent lots of time to create the character with the right storyline behind it.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effect / Adobe Audition


HoYing Leung

This 30-second festival trailer is specially designed for the Internation Dog Festival at Melbourne in 2016. The aim of this video is to invite people who have dogs to attend this festival and enjoy it. So this video is trying to show different kinds of dogs with their life, in order to show their friendly characteristic.


Unlike other existing videos, this short animation is based on the perspective of dogs. in other words, it indicates the dogs' feeling by showing their daily life. More specifically, there are four kinds of dogs in this animation. Each of them is doing something that matches to their characters. In the end, all these four dogs are going to the welcoming door with their owner, which is the entrance to the dog festival. The whole animation is in a simple two-dimensional illustration style with bright colors and music. The aim of this color palette and the choice of music is trying to reflect how happy this festival will be. Even it is only a 30-second video, it tries hard to show people the fun and memorable part of living with a cute dog.


Demo Video

Scenes Design

Character Design