Destined Tea

Website Design - 2017


Destined Tea, an imaginary tea brand

Design Duration

This design took me 6 weeks. I spent some time to research about creative design for the product page.

Design Tool

Sketch for UI part

Overflow for UI Flow PArt

This project is designed for a Chinese tea brand called Destined Tea.  As a tea lover, The brand name "Destined" means that every cup of tea has a story. This identity design project is constantly updating the notion of scented tea while respecting the multi-culture. It tries to promote a spirit of enjoying life with a cup of tea. The beauty and elegance are shown in the design processes.


The website design in this project focus on the product selling.However, other than a normal product page layout, this time, the design are more focus on the visual parts. In other words, user will buy the product online due to the visual elements, rather than the long description. The home page color will be change automatically based on the color palette used in this project in each season. In the meantime, the featured product will be changed as well,


Design Visual Styling

Destined Tea - web.png

Home Banner Demo

Design Outcome