Operatic Identities

Pop Up Event Design - 2019


Cultured Generation‘s Beijing Opera Popup Event

Design Duration

This is two month project to create this new brand, but it is still updating during the development of this business

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop



Operatic Identities is the first Beijing Opera themed pop-up experience launched by CulturedGen on November 2019 at China Cultural Centre in Singapore. In an intimate setting, participants go on a journey of cultural exploration, discovering their own operatic identities through immersive performances, interactive art installations, original baijiu cocktails, fashion showcase and Michelin starred small dishes. They can also get up and close and personal with famous opera characters.

The design focus on the how to use contemporary design to represent this traditional art with long history. The whole design is divided into five rooms, including a grow in dark room showcase the Qing room, interactive Beijing Opera performance, Beijing Opera props redesigned installations, designed cocktails to represent different characters. In the 60mins experience, audiences can go through the different installations to look for their own identities in the Beijing Opera.

Design Visual Styling

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Intro Animation

Design Outcome

Event Highlight

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