Personality of Colors

Illustration / Packaging Design - 2016


Bachelor Graduate Project

Design Duration

This design took me 14 weeks. The contemporary opera masks design takes the most of the time.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign

This graduate project is based on the research about Beijing Opera masks. Traditional Beijing opera masks can be a symbol of the characters’ personalities by using the color and lone configuration. Through the Beijing Opera masks, the audience can easily get to know about the personality of the characters. In the meantime, each makeup can match on certain kind of people, which may combine both beautiful and ugly elements.​

The project indicates the relationship between colors and personalities, by redesigning the Beijing Opera masks in a contemporary method. So the young generation and foreigners can get to know more about this beautiful and meaningful culture of this traditional art. In the show, the audience can collect the postcards may represent their own personality, which creates a close interaction between the project and the audience.

Design Visual Styling


I am a Headline

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logo-01 copy.png


The visual style in this project is based on the digital illustration. The colourful and modern design indicate the deeper side of the branding itself. Here is a link for the PDF version to view more project details.

Click to download it






Periwinkle Gray

Jagged Ice








Design Outcome