​Geometrical Flower Patterns

2D Illustration  - 2016


Lush Life, an imaginary soap company

Design Duration

This design took me 3 weeks. The pattern based on the flower illustration takes the most of time.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The idea comes from the word called “phobia”, which generally has a negative connotation. the main target user in this project is who fear of washing. So a series of flower flavours are designed, which means those people can enjoy the beautiful smelling of nature rather than just the original smells of soap. Geometrical flower illustrations are made in this project and repeating to create a pattern. So the user can feel like in a garden full of beautiful flowers rather than being painful to do the washing.


The company logo is designed in a simple geometrical way with black and white colour only. So the bright colours of the packaging can stand out and give the user happy feelings. The typography of the logo is classic and simple style. Additionally, this logo is designed as a stick, so it can stick in front of the packaging or anywhere when it is necessary.

Design Outcome