Chinese International Tea Festival

Illustration / Event Poster Design / Packaging Design - 2016


Shanghai International Tea Festival

Design Duration

This design took me 4 weeks. It mainly focuses on researching different tea culture and transform into illustration.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

This event poster is special for Shanghai International Tea Festival. This festival is a good opportunity for different countries to develop from the efforts of the local teahouse to promote different tea culture. The festival has taken place in Shanghai annually since 1994 and has gained international recognition for its fusion of traditional Chinese culture with the national specialty.  Every year, thousands of tea enthusiasts, experts, and tea producers attend, making it an ideal date event. Therefore, the poster tries to indicate this environment for sharing the different tea culture.

The festivities include the likes of a tea art contest, tea panel discussions, tea art talks, tea set auctions, and plenty of tastings. Therefore, a series of illustration about the different style of tea come from different countries are made in this poster. The style of this poster tries to be simple and contemporary. The geometrical illustration with a shadow under it gives a cutting paper feeling. In the meantime, these illustrations can be used on the small objects that related to the festival. In this project, a series of the tea packaging is made for promoting the festival.

Design Visual Styling

Tea Festival - desktop.png


Design Outcome