Branding Redesign Project - 2017


Brunetti, An Italian cafe in Melbourne

Design Duration

This design took me 12 weeks. I spent a lot of time tweaking the new style to create a more contemporary feeling.

Design Tool

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Sketch & Axure


Yunzhi Jin, Yi'an Zhang

Brunetti redesign project is a group project that can apply the real design skill into the business. By having a fresh look about the Brunetti from the past, this design project tries to focus on the balance between the classical and contemporary style. Nowadays, Brunetti still keeps the classical selling style, combining pizza, café, cakes, ice cream and chocolates in one shop. In the meantime, consumers can order them online and even combine them as gift sets. So Italian people who live in Melbourne and consumers who like Italian culture can go to Brunetti to enjoy their afternoon with friends and families. As a café with a long history, Brunetti needs a new looking based on Brunetti’s personality. It has to match the marketing, which can attract more consumers. 


Based on our understanding, the design starts to focus on the logo design first and gradually apply to the other items. To combine classical and contemporary style, this design uses geometrical illustration to represent the culture of Brunetti. Inspired by the original letter B, a font called Snell Roundhand to get a classical style. All the design style can keep as simple as possible. All the packaging is made by craft paper. Same as the identity design, other than basic information, the logo could be regarded as the main design elements in the whole processes.

User Research

Brunetti Persona.png

The target market are not only include people who has Italian background, but also include people who loves Italian culture, especially Italian food. Brunetti for people who has Italian background is a place can recall all the memories.In the meantime, it is a fabulous place for people to start to know about Italian culture by just enjoying the spare time in the cafe or restaurant.

Design Visual Styling

Brunetti - web.png

Design Outcome