Beat Up

User Experience  & Mobile UI Design - 2016


Ideal music platform

Design Duration

This design took me 4 weeks. I spent time on review the existing music app and provide potential better user experience with better UI design.

Design Tool

Sketch and Adobe Illustrator


This is an interface design for a music application named BeatUp. The brief said that the company Herschel intends to revolutionize the music player. Their new R&D department has been developing technology that will hybridize features from Spotify and Apple to allow for new ways of sharing music. This application includes four parts: playing music, sharing music, organizing music and streaming music in different locations. The whole UI design is based on the blue coloUr, which gives the user a peaceful feeling when they listen to music.


In this mobile application, the basic idea is creating a customer account. Therefore, the user can set up their preferences by themselves, including the quality of listening online and downloading music. Also, the customer account can help the app to find out the user’s favorite and show the related information on the homepage. Also, a customer account can help the user to organize their music, so they can create the playlist for a special group of songs.

Design Visual Styling

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San Marino

Ship Cove

French Gray







The visual style is based on the geometrical illustration and vivid colours, which provide a fresh look about weather information. Here is a link for the PDF version to view more project details.


I am a Slogan

I'm a sub Headline

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Image style



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